Providing an online Startup Reading

program for the children in your family.

Engages your child

The Startup Reading lessons are designed for children to develop a solid understanding of reading strategies by following the step-by-step instructional video while making notations in their workbook.

Promotes family participation

As the parent, you determine the schedule for your child to learn at their own pace. The reading program combines a logical structure and repeatability which allows parents and their children to develop a We can do this! attitude.

Delivers support

The Reading Coach reviews your child’s progress, explains the reading strategies, reviews your child’s notations in the workbook, and provides positive feedback as a motivating factor in your child’s engagement with the reading program.

A step by step approach to learning reading structures

A student's starting placement is based on the child's current reading skills.

Lessons and Content specific to your student’s reading proficiency

Designed for Elementary school students.

The program starts with a placement process to ensure the correct starting point in the program

Reading strategies are established as a logical approach to reading words, phrases and sentences

Reading a story teaches a child about the world around us and develops an understanding about people, places and events.

The Startup Reading Online Solution

Teaching reading as a strategy, provide the tools to decode words, provide the lessons in a repeatable video format, engage teaching assistants to work with students.

Building a Reading Foundation

  • Initial assessment based on skills
  • Consistent, classroom tested content
  • Students follow the lesson in their workbook
  • Lesson available on a 24-7
  • Family members can join and support the program

Learn More about Startup Reading

Find out how the Startup Reading program provide a structured curriculum to your child at home, in a small group or to your micro-school program.

Empower your child with a Startup Reading strategy

Why This Reading Program?

We follow the approach outlined by cognitive research in the Science of Reading in developing a foundation in reading skills that will serve the student throughout their academic career.

Family Support and Engagement

As the parent, you see the lessons your child is engaged with, you monitor their progress, determine their pace and be a part of their learn to read experience.

Leverage the Reading Coach

The Reading Coach is your teaching partner who provides positive validation to your child, measures progress and provides recommended best practices to help your child become a Super Reader.

The role of the reading coach

The Startup Reading program provides reading lessons through a combination of on-demand reading lessons that guide the student through the lessons in the workbook.  Students in the program will typically complete three to five lessons within a week and then the Reading Coach will conduct an online meeting to review the student’s understanding of the lesson, completion of the workbook exercises, review any issues in the students understanding of the lesson and confirm the lesson plans for the upcoming week.

As the parent, you will decide on the level of support available from your family members and the level of engagement from the Reading Coach.

About Startup Reading

The Startup Reading program is more than just a great curriculum, we are about providing an inspirational experience to young students embedded with two components:

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